About me

My name is Monika. I am a movement therapist, a doula and a mother of two home born kids.

Native of Poland, I lived 15 years in Rio de Janeiro which has influenced my lifestyle and changed my profession. I arrived as an English teacher and left as the owner of a Pilates Studio.

In between, I studied contemporary dance, gave Pilates classes, graduated as a movement therapist, took a doula course and specialized in birth preparation.

In 2018 I moved to France and created the Calma concept of a more holistic and woman-centered approach to movement that respects the cyclic feminine nature.

I offer interdisciplinary body awareness classes for women of all ages and life phases, also prenatal and postpartum classes, that reflect my studies, influences and over 10 years of experience.

As a doula, I help pregnant and post-partum women to feel empowered and supported in their motherhood journey. I also use Rebozo Rituals and Massages to provide a more ritualized corporal and emotional support. 

Our sessions are defined by benevolence and kindness, caring and sharing, giving and receiving with no place for judgement, competitiveness or critique. 

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