About me

My name is Monika. I am a body therapist, a doula and a mother of two.

Native of Poland and graduated as Master of English Linguistics, I lived 15 years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which has irreversibly influenced my lifestyle and changed my profession. I arrived as a backpacker city English teacher and left as a nature lover and the owner of a Pilates Studio. In between, I studied contemporary dance and Pilates, graduated as a ballerina and a post-grad movement therapist, took a doula course and created a unique birth preparation programme. I have studied and worked with Pilates method since 2009 and opened my own Pilates studio in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 where I offered private single and duo sessions for general public and for pregnant and post-partum women. I also gave a home birth to my first child that year. 

In 2018, following my French partner, I moved to Paris and had my second home born child while adapting to a new culture, new language and new environment. In early 2020, ready to relaunch my career, I created CALMAstudio, which due to lockdown experience developed in an online format.  It opened my mind to new possibilities and made me follow my ocean-longing heart and move to Biarritz where I decided to narrow down and specialize more by creating a woman-centered approach to workout that addresses every possible phase and energy of a woman’s life.

I will use my knowledge, experience, sensibility and intuition to respect your unique needs and objectives, help you tune in to your cyclic feminine nature and develop your body awareness. I will  care for you in a positive and warm manner to make sure you enjoy your workout and your process of self-discovery.