Women’s Special 

Respect your cyclic feminine nature and work in tune with it instead of competing against yourself and mirroring the male dominated patterns. CalmaMoons provides a differentiated workout that fits your monthly phase, reconnects you and makes you feel fulfilled, cared for or energized depending on your body’s needs.


Pregnant and Post-Partum Women 

Embrace the physiological body changes and address your emotional needs, doubts and insecurities for an easier birth and its recovery. As a doula with an original ‘pre-birth-ing’ programme and a mother with the experience of two well prepared and succeeded home all natural births, I will guide you in a  feminine way to get empowered in this most special but also quite delicate phase of a woman’s life.


Menopausal Women

Accept the loss of your periods and the process of aging in a wise woman way by shifting your perception and adapting your workout with respect to your specific needs and capabilities. Learn to protect yourself from high impact practices yet developing and preserving mobility, flexibility, agility and awareness.  


Online pilates classes with Monika

Calma Online

Zoom online live classes, developed during confinement, proved excellent for those on the move, away on holidays or living abroad. The lack of my face to face presence and touch calls for an even more thorough verbal or visual guidance and correction and provides an enormous opportunity to develop even better body awareness and self-responsibility. This option breaks the borders and brings us together.

Online pilates classes with Monika

Calma Nature

If you are a nature lover inspired by the ocean or the trees you may decide that the beach or the park motivate and energise you more than exercising indoors.

Online pilates classes with Monika

Calma Home

If you like the comfort of your home, are busy, elderly, in late pregnancy or post-partum you may look for a personalised workout at a coziness of your own home.