I offer various types of classes to suit your life phase.

Active Women

Respect your cyclic feminine nature and work in tune with it instead of competing against yourself.  Benefit from a differentiated workout that fits your monthly phase, reconnects you and makes you feel cared for or energized depending on your body’s needs.

Calma mama - Classes for Pregnant And Post-Partum Women

Pregnant & Post-Partum Women

Embrace the physiological changes and support the specific needs of your pregnant body with a special focus on your pelvic floor. Develop self-awareness, self-connection, create a dialogue with your baby and open yourself to subtle perceptions that will help you on the Big Day. 

Calma Mature classes for older and menopausal women

Wise Women

Accept the loss of your periods and the process of aging adapting your workout with respect to your specific needs and capabilities. Learn to protect yourself from high impact practices yet developing and preserving mobility, flexibility, agility and awareness.


Women’s special

To address every woman’s life phase, be it teen, adult, preconception, pregnant, motherhood or menopausal, with the respect to the inherently changing and cyclic feminine nature.

Using Machines or Accessories

To provide you with an intelligent and respectful workout by means of diverse equipment to strengthen your body or to relax and release tensions much deeper than you can imagine.

Working pelvic Diaphragm muscles

To bring awareness to the unseen base of femininity, to strengthen your core, correct posture, prevent common pains and problems, reconnect you with your femininity and bring more joy into your life.

Focused on body awareness

To help you reconnect, get better and faster results by developing awareness and taking responsibility for your own process towards your general well-being.

Given in an attentive and warm manner

To make sure you not only benefit from but also enjoy your Calma classes, learn to love and not compete against yourself and leave balanced, toned, relaxed and happy.

Given in English, Portuguese, Polish or French

To provide you the opportunity to practice in your mother tongue or, why to improve your language skills.