Menopausal Women

Accept the loss of your periods and the process of aging in a wise woman way by shifting your perception and adapting your workout with respect to your specific needs and capabilities. Learn to protect yourself from high impact practices, yet developing and preserving mobility, flexibility, agility and awareness.

I believe that dignity while aging is achieved thanks to a mix of acceptance of the inevitable and efforts to support that process for the best experience possible. Rejecting the process of aging or harming yourself with unsuitable practices are common but end up with poor results. CalmaMature will take care of your body’s needs helping you maintain mobility and high spirits.

First of all, CalmaMature classes will protect your joints both by providing mobility and as such creating the flow of the synovial liquid necessary for their health and preserving them from high impact. Second, the classes will offer you the most adequate exercises to help your muscle tone and third, they will stretch and relax all muscles that become overly stiff. Last but not least, we will work on your pelvic floor muscles to prevent or heal the taboo case of the incontinence.

Guided by the moon’s phases you may rediscover the wisdom of the cyclic feminine nature and become more connected and more in peace with your changing emotions.

It’s never too late to start feeling good in your own body.  Chances are that the wisdom and time available you may have gained at this phase of your life can facilitate this empowered transformation.