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Workshops & Classes for Pregnant & Postpartum Women

CALMA MAMA workshops and classes explore exercises of breathing, vocalization, free movement, strengthening, stretching and relaxing the right muscle groups for a feel-good pregnancy, an easier birth and its recovery. All exercises are carefully guided and done with a special focus on pelvic floor muscles of high importance during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 


AMA Studio, Anglet



I offer different kinds of Calma Mama classes depending on your stage of your motherhood adventure. 


Exercising adequately during pregnancy alleviates possible pain, develops posture and movement awareness and promotes a better connection with the proper body in a process of significant changes as well as with the developing body of the baby. Being personalized, the classes can start at any moment of pregnancy, even at its very beginning. Progressively, as we get to know each other, the lessons also become a support place where you can share your possible doubts and insecurities about birth and pregnancy physiology. Pregnancy classes are a precious step to grow your confidence and become assured that your body can give birth and will be ready for the Big Day.


The process of birth preparation may become highly transforming and powerful and you may want to go deeper in your search by reconnecting with the wisdom of women who have done it over centuries. If you perceive giving birth as a natural rite of passage you may use its force to get empowered by connecting to your own body and mind secrets and using them in your favour during birth and over your whole motherhood. These classes, either woven during regular Calma Pregnancy classes or proposed by the end of your pregnancy, go beyond basic exercises, use visualisation, vocalization, free movement exploration and 5 Elements energy work to support your mind and body. 


In the postpartum period, the focus on the efficient strengthening of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, naturally weakened during pregnancy, helps a woman to restore her balance. For those with a diastasis recti, often undiagnosed, Postpartum sessions adapt the workout and provide guidance and necessary movement adaptation. Classes may be done with your baby by your side (or even on you in a carrier) to avoid unnecessary separation. And of course topics like breastfeeding, baby care, baby sleep and others will naturally come up and you will be heard of and supported in your search for being the mother you want to be to make your motherhood experience as joyful and fulfilling as possible. 


"I met Monika when I was pregnant with my second daughter. We did a very deep work of improving my body's awareness for months. The pace of the class and Monika’s dedication made all the difference in the preparation for my humanized natural delivery. When I think about the third kid, I already think about Monika!"
Anna Valle
Educator & designer, Brasil
"I met Monika late in my first pregnancy and very afraid of childbirth. She made me feel ready and connected me with my body and my own birth story. Everything I learned with her always reverberated in me so much that it empowered me a lot for my second delivery years later."
Talitha Middleton
Biologist, UK
"I met Monika during my first pregnancy, recommended by my gynecologist, and she helped me a lot! Her classes provide a physical well-being and a mental relaxation. After that, Monika also helped me in the preparation for my second childbirth. The pelvic exercises helped me 100% at the time of the explusion, and during the recovery after the pregnancy! I highly recommend her to gain a better body consciousness."
Carla Guilgliano Pedalino
Entrepreneur, Brasil
"J’ai participé aux cours de Monika pour préparer l’accouchement de mon 3ème enfant. Une parenthèse zen et agréable, qui me permettait de me connecter entièrement à mon bébé. Des exercices qui font du bien, des conseils précieux, des rencontres et partages avec d’autres maman.. qu’aucune femme enceinte devrait rater!"
Lena, mother of 3
Anglet, France
"I have been seeing Monika throughout my pregnancy as well as post partum and my body is so thankful for it! She helped me keep in shape during my pregnancy, and supported me in my transition into motherhood with mental and emotional preparation. I highly recommend Monika for her gentle and caring approach in these important moments of life for a woman."
Anglet, France
"I met Monika when I was pregnant with my first child. She was recommended to me as an excellent pilates teacher, who took special care with pregnant students, helping them to understand all the physiological and emotional changes during pregnancy. Monika herself had recently become a mother and had a very positive experience of a natural childbirth, which has always been my wish too. We exchanged information about each phase : pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and raising children. She always felt calm and confident and that increased my own confidence and belief that my body was perfect for all that."
Juliana Toller
"I started classes with Monika when I was 5 months pregnant with my second child. I had pain in the legs due to the appearance of gestational varices. Thanks to her expertise, I was able to quickly strengthen all my muscles which gave me a real relief in the legs, but also in my back and especially the lower back. In addition, Monika offered me a real psycho-corporal support to help me live well my pregnancy and my childbirth. During our process, I made a confident and serene decision to give birth at home and Monika was my doula during the delivery. The work that we had done together completely helped me to free myself on the Big Day. She is an excellent professional. You can fully trust her."
Audrey Hens
Personal Development Manager and Naturopath