Women’s Special MOONS classes are an invitation to workout in tune with the individual feminine cycle in order to benefit most from each phase

Classes for Women

CALMA MOONS Classes respect feminine cyclic nature and embrace its unique needs and potential. They are adapted to meet the specific demands of the less energetic, more introvert phases while boosting the body’s potential during the more energetic, extrovert phases.

A class for every MOON

Calma Moons recognizes each woman’s period phase as unique in its needs and potential, helps to gain cyclic awareness, restore a balanced cycle, relieve the PMS symptoms and even improve fertility.  

Monika demonstrating body awareness exercise inspired by pilates


Demanding and Motivating Class

Using the positive wave of energy and good mood for exercises that boost your potential and broaden your body’s abilities this demanding class guides you to reach new levels by offering a progressive challenge. With the focus on the abdominal core muscles, it develops strong and supple body while focusing on the details that make all the difference.


Women’s Favourite Body Shaping Class

Enjoying the power of the phase when we are more likely to feel good in our own skin, this class will propose effective exercises that focus on specific body parts, especially legs and glutes, to leave you toned and feeling real good about your body – not only the way it looks but also the way it feels. It’s a fun class, although demanding, where we may laugh, dance and all.


Special Treat Class

Designed especially for moments of increased tension, this class proposes soothing, calming exercises and stretches that will help release your tension, lower your stress levels and make you feel cared for – highly important in this rarely honored or understood and potentially delicate and irritable phase.


Soft Class

Designed to keep your body in movement with no need to stop your workout routine or cancel the class just because you got your period or may experience discomfort or pain. Especially chosen exercises to help relieve possible discomfort and let your body rediscover new ways to move and care for yourself.

'Monika stole my heart with her amazing approach to body, with her sense of humour and the flexibility of taking into account my individual needs.'
University Professor, Poland
'Monika is an excellent teacher, very skilled and dedicated. Although online, she pays attention to every single detail and makes sure you have the best posture to work with.'
Online class student
'Doing Pilates with Monika has transformed my relationship with my body by toning the muscles, correcting posture and increasing flexibility.'
Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso
Composer / Flautist / University Professor


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