Prenatal Support

Do you want to reflect deeper on your motherhood journey? Work on your body/mind connection? Work on your specific fears and blockages? Involve your partner in the process? Or maybe simply feel heard and understood with no judgement?

I invite you for individual or couple sessions based on benevolence and active listening that also provide precious information for reflection. I also offer prenatal classes, Rebozo, Rituals and free Meet-Ups that facilitate the process of becoming a mother. 

Empowered Birth Project

As a doula I accompany you in your journey to motherhood by providing you emotional, practical, physical, informational and partner support, in benevolence and non-judgement, always preserving your confidentiality.

The support I provide is adapted to your personal needs. 


Rebozo is often used on the way to motherhood. This traditional Mexican scarf used by midwifes and doulas around the world.

It is a beautiful therapeutic tool that accompanies your emotions, provides deep cellular body work, relaxation and tension release by cocooning, enveloping, rocking and ritual magic. It can physically and symbolically prepare and open your mind and body for birth and motherhood. 

Prenatal classes – Calma mama

Exercising adequately during pregnancy alleviates possible tensions, improves posture and movement awareness and promotes a better connection with the proper body as well as with the baby.

Pregnancy classes are a precious step to grow your confidence and become assured that your body can give birth and will be ready for the Big Day.


Becoming a mother is a rite.

Certain rituals may help you go through this passage with more joy, emotion and create unforgettable memories.

Except for Rebozo, I propose the ritual of Mama Blessing and Belly Farewell that we can both co-create for an experience that is close to your heart. 

Calma Mama tribe

I truly believe in the wisdom saying that it takes a village to raise a child and I go further saying that it takes a tribe to be a mother.

Therefore, I invite you to join the CALMA MAMA TRIBE of free mothers’ meet-ups to create your own tribe of support, sharing and exchange in benevolence and non-judgment.

In your words…

'Monika offered me a real psycho-corporal support to help me during my pregnancy and my childbirth. During our process, I made a confident and serene decision to give birth at home and Monika was my doula during the delivery. The work that we had done together completely helped me to free myself on the Big Day. She is an excellent professional. You can fully trust her.'
Audrey Hens
Personal Development Manager and Naturopath
'I met Monika when I was pregnant with my first child. Monika herself had recently become a mother and had a very positive experience of a natural childbirth, which has always been my wish too. We exchanged information about each phase: pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and raising children. She always felt calm and confident and that increased my own confidence and belief that my body was perfect for all that.'
Juliana Toller
'Monika taught me what I needed to know to give birth. Centering. Safety. Presence. Calm. Breath. Our classes were more than lessons of physical exercise. They were shared teachings from a woman to a woman: knowledge exchanged, confidence and trust. I was able to live my pregnancy as a deep process of self awareness and to give birth as a catharsis.'
Thais Pegoraro
Coach, High Mountain Alpinist, Woman of 7 Summits
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