Tropical Background

Before moving to France and creating CALMA Studio, I had studied and given Pilates classes in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, for over a decade to both men and women, without thinking too much about concepts. My work was a fusion of Pilates exercises and therapeutic body awareness with a hint of dance expression. It was also marked by a good dose of joy and pleasure, so inherent in the Brazilian culture. Truly unique, the tropical culture, lifestyle and corporal attitudes marked my life, my body and my work forever.

Womanhood Calling

Still in Rio, I become a doula and expanded my professional path by creating special pregnancy classes. When I became a mother, working on myself, I developed body & mind unique birth preparation and postpartum classes. Facing my own new roles and responsibilities and working with my female students, I got very much interested and involved in the complexity of the woman inside me and all women around me. I felt the desire to support myself and others in our searches for being the woman and the mother we wanted to be. Therefore, I organized mothers’ circles and exchanged wisdom and experience reconnecting with womanhood in general.

The Cyclic Nature

Whether we admit it or not, woman’s life is marked by the presence or absence of period that marks feminine passages and specific life phases. Getting to intimately know my female students and myself, I have become more aware of our cyclic patterns. I noticed that my classes were different depending on my own cycle and energy levels. Working with the same women over the course of many years, I could also perceive the changes in their mood and energy. Some always missed a class during their periods. Others disappeared even before, dealing with an overall low energy and tension, and then showed up fresh to restart again.

Putting the Puzzles Together

After moving to France and becoming a mother for the second time, I took the opportunity and time to redefine my work. I found myself in search for a different, woman-centered approach that would embrace and enhance the cyclic nature and support women in every phase of their lives. Thinking about the needs of a contemporary woman, I asked myself the very question that most women may pose themselves: How can we keep fit and healthy, feel good and attractive, face diverse professional and family roles with more ease, age with dignity and preserve our feminine nature?

CALMA Concept Creation

In my busy and multiple role life, I found myself saying calma almost every other word to myself, my kids and my partner. As a mantra, it was an unconscious call for a pause, a relief and silence.
In Portuguese calma stands for calm down, calmness, tranquility and serenity. I realized this word embodies my search and my ideas – an antidotum to the pressures of the modern lifestyle. We need calma to give a break to our stressful and overcharged lives.  We equally need calma to approach our body work respecting our cyclic nature and preserving our femininity.

CALMA Philosophy

Within the letters of CALMA, I found words that had always been important in my classes. On the level of mind it is composed of Connection, Acceptance, Love, Mindfulness and Awareness.
On the level of body it contains Core, Alignement, Laughter, Movement and Agility.
CALMA invites women to choose and focus on their personal objectives, but also invites to go a bit deeper. It calls for dropping automatic repetition and male patterns of competing with ourselves and others. Calma calls for less rigidity but more flexibility to respect our non-linear feminine nature. It also emphasizes the need for self-love and acceptance to face the society pressures for perfection. Moreover, it invites care, joy, pleasure and laughter to embrace our non-logical, non-rational side and to live with more fun.


With the desire to provide movement, awareness, empowerment and support via personalized feminine care, I created a space that could embrace both Pilates classes and doula support. In my cozy studio located in Beria Cartier in central Biarritz, I offer Pilates classes in different forms and formules that meet a variety of needs and targets, always in small format as we value quality over quantity. I also provide individual and group doula support and use the beautiful tool of Rebozo and therapeutic touch of Ayurvedic Massage.