What is it?

Rebozo is a traditional Mexican scarf used by midwifes and doulas around the world to offer care adapted to the different phases of woman’s life. 

Rebozo is often used on the way to motherhood, but equally offers possibilities to heal, rebalance and support all the women.

It is a beautiful tool that provides therapeutic qualities of deep cellular body work, relaxation, tension release, by cocooning, enveloping, and rocking.  

How can Rebozo help you?

Rebozo helps you to honor the life steps taken, to meet your strengths but also your vulnerability. It creates space for benevolent sharing, bonding and welcoming you as you are with no place for judgment.

Rebozo allows to take care of women with subtle kindness and to support their specific needs by offering them a moment when they can allow themselves to slow down, resource and reconnect.


The Full Rebozo Ritual

(3hrs – two doulas)

This treatment honors a woman in you, cherishes your body and supports any meaningful passage in your life.

It is often used as a deeply grounding step during postpartum, decisive life moments or during the passage into menopause. 

Accompanied by two doulas, you will be invited into a space of sharing, release, introspection, self reconnection and deep relaxation.

How does the magic happen? 

  • an opening circle, intention posing and warming tea
  • a four hands hot oil massage and enveloppement
  • a steam bath (hammam) or a petal bath to the sound of a tambour
  • a rebozo tightening in 7 points 
  • a closing circle, sharing and raw cacao

Rebozo closing Ritual

(1h 30min)

This treatment honors and grounds you as a woman while helping to mark some meaningful life passage. 

It is often done after the immediate postpartum, ideally after post-birth bleeding stops. 

Invited into cocooning space, you will be soothed, swayed and wrapped as well as tightened in 4 body points to help you align, ground and relax deeply. 

How does the magic happen?

  • an opening circle, sharing and intention posing
  • a head massage 
  • rebozo rocking, stretching and wrapping
  • rebozo tightening in 4 points
  • a closing circle, sharing and a calming herbal tea

Rebozo Opening Ritual (prenatal)

(1h 30min)

This treatment can be done at any moment during your pregnancy to symbolically prepare and open your mind and body for birth and motherhood. 

You will be invited into the cocooning space of subtle rebozo rocking, tight wrapping and gentle stretches that will alleviate the possible tensions and take you on a relaxing journey of connection with yourself and with your baby.

How does the magic happen?

  • an opening circle, sharing and intention posing
  • a rebozo rocking, wrapping stretching and opening
  • a closing circle, sharing and calming herbal tea

Rebozo hip tightening (postnatal)


This postpartum treatment can be offered in immediate postpartum to provide relief in the hip and lower back area. 

It is paired with a head and foot massage to mother the mother in you, help you relax and boost your oxytocin levels.

It gives you the opportunity to share and process your birth story. 

How does the magic happen? 

  • an opening circle : your birth story 
  • head massage
  • rebozo hip tightening 
  • foot massage
  • a closing circle, sharing and calming herbal tea


"I was lucky enough to be offered a Rebozo Closing Treat by Monika. A relaxing and magical moment, which is good for the body and the mind after childbirth. Accompanied by candlelight and perfectly chosen music, I was able to travel to Mexico for an hour, the country of origin of this treatment! I regret that I missed the Rebozo Opening Treatment - maybe for my 4th child 😉 To try absolutely! Thanks Monika!"
Anglet, France
"I did a Rebozo treatment with Monika. An initial time of exchange allowed us to discuss a little about my birth experience. Then, Monika started the treatment, enveloping and rocking me. It was an extraordinary moment that brought me a lot, both physically and morally. I particularly recommend Rebozo to all women, and Monika who was remarkably kind and gentle."
Saint Jean de Luz, France
"I tried rebozo with Monika 6 weeks post partum and it was such a special experience - I felt physically better afterwards as my hips and pelvis felt tightened (they had been feeling uncomfortably loose and open before), and emotionally it was such a lovely cocooning sensation that brought me gently into a new chapter from the efforts of labour back into my womanhood and new motherhood. It has to be tried to be understood!"
Anglet, France