Pilates and Body Awareness classes  for women.

Prenatal and postpartum classes and workshops.

Doula support. Rebozo. Rituals. 

Biarritz, Pays Basque, France.


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Women’s Special MOONS classes are an invitation to workout in tune with the individual feminine cycle in order to benefit most from each phase

Women Special

MOONS classes are an invitation to workout in tune with the cyclic feminine nature, respect specific needs and potential of every phase. 

Calma mama - Classes for Pregnant And Post-Partum Women

Pregnant & Post-Partum Women

MAMA classes offer support to the changing body of the mother, before and after birth with a special focus on the pelvic floor.

Calma Mature classes for older and menopausal women

Wise Women

MATURE classes respect the menopause rather than reject it and offer the adequate movement, protection and necessary comfort.


Prenatal Support / Birth Support / Postpartum Support / Mothers’ Circles / Mother’s Chats / Rituals / Rebozo

Calma doula services

Pre & Post Natal Support

As a doula, I accompany mothers and couples offering the emotional, physical or practical support based on benevolence, trust and no judgement.  
Monika Doula holding hands of a pregnant women on the beach


"Monika taught me what I needed to know so I could give birth. Centering. Safety. Presence. Calm. Breath. (…) It was months of classes, which were more than lessons of physical exercise. They were shared teachings from woman to woman, knowledge exchanged, confidence and trust."
Thais Pegoraro
Alpinist – The Woman of Seven Summits and Coach
Calma philosophy - connection and core
Calma philosophy - acceptance and alignment
Calma philosophy - love and laughter
Calma philosophy - mindfulness and movement
Calma philosophy - awareness and agility