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Every Woman

Online & face-to-face personalized body awareness classes for women enriched with diverse holistic practices. 

Based in Biarritz, France. 











CALMA Classes


solo or duo at CALMA STUDIO, 15 Av du Golf, Biarritz

small groups at EME, 97 Av de l’Adour, Anglet 

online from the comfort of your home

in nature



Women’s Special 

MOONS classes reflect my experience with women and my study of the the woman’s cycle and the play of hormones so beautifully reflected by the moon phases.
They are an invitation to workout in tune with the individual cycle in order to benefit most from each phase and to exercise best for each phase.


 Pregnant and Post-Partum Women 

MAMA classes reflect my experience as a mother, doula and pre and post natal teacher.

They prepare the changing body of the mother, open up the possibility of a natural and empowering birth, strip off the taboos and give support.


Menopausal Women  

MATURE classes reflect my experience of working with aging women and my own  preparation for this inevitable phase.
They respect the change rather than reject it and invite the inner discovery of the Wise Woman reconnected to the universal and feminine cyclic nature.

ABOUT Classes

Women’s special

To address every woman’s life phase, be it teen, adult, pregnant, motherhood or menopausal, with the respect to the inherently changing and cyclic feminine nature.

Using accessories

To provide you with an intelligent and respectful workout by means of diverse accessories to relax and release tensions much deeper than you can imagine.

Working pelvic floor muscles

To strengthen your core, correct posture, prevent common pains and problems, reconnect you with your femininity and bring more joy into your life.

Focused on body awareness

To help you reconnect and feel yourself and get better and faster results by taking responsibility for your own process towards your general well-being.

Given in an attentive and warm manner

To make sure you not only benefit from but also enjoy your Calma moment, learn to love and not compete against yourself and leave balanced, toned, relaxed and happy.

Given in English, Portuguese, Polish or French

To provide you the opportunity to practice in your mother tongue or, why not, to improve your language skills.

what my students say...

Monika has taught me to breathe. She is a coach of my soul and my body. Thanks to our classes my body has become supple, resilient and shaped. And I love it!

Wioletta Żukiewicz-Sobczak

University Professor and Nutritionist, Lublin, Poland
Monika is an excellent teacher, very skilled and dedicated. Although online, she pays attention to every single detail and makes sure you have the best posture to work with.


Online student
Monika stole my heart with her amazing approach to body, with her sense of humour and the flexibility of taking into account my individual needs.


University professor, Opole, Poland
The pelvic exercises helped me 100% at the time of the expulsion, and during the recovery after the pregnancy!


Guilgliano Pedalino, Entrepreneur
Monika is very attentive and passionate and I had very fast impressive results.

Anik Polo

Monika taught me what I needed to know so I could give birth. Centering. Safety. Presence. Calm. Breath. (…) It was months of Pilates, which were more than lessons of physical exercise. They were shared teachings from woman to woman, knowledge exchanged, confidence and trust.

Thais Pegoraro

Alpinist – The Woman of Seven Summits and Coach
Monika guided me to the center of my body, set in a much deeper place than I had imagined.

Marilia Passos

Since the pandemic started we have been doing the classes online. Monika is very attentive and it really feels as if you are nearby her. Being able to move and improve my relationship with my body in the time of confinement has been essential for being able to continue living a normal life.

Nathália Antonucci

Researcher, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Monika offered me a real psycho-corporal support to help me live well my childbirth and my pregnancy (…).The work that we had done together completely helped me to free myself on the Big Day and to live with confidence one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Audrey Hens

Personal development manager and Naturopath
After a few lessons, I regained the assurance of walking better, began keeping myself upright and felt my body at ease with the exercises.

Beth Fisher

Interior Designer
The classes are pleasant and at the same time demanding. Accompanied by Monika’s close attention.

Eliana Albernaz



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