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Becoming a mother is a rite, an event that divides life in before and after. It is wonderful but can also be full of doubts, insecurities and challenges.

That’s why mothers need support.

In the past, this support came from the close relationship with other, older and experienced, women in the tribe or the family, the link that got lost in our modern society of nuclear families. 

This support is now offered by doulas. 

I serve you with my knowledge and experience to make your motherhood adventure satisfying and positive. 

What I offer

Prenatal support


Empowered Birth Project

Empowered Birth Classes


Postpartum support

 Breastfeeding Support

Postpartum Visits

Baby Massage/Bath Guidelines



Prenatal Circles

Mamas Chats



Blessing Way

Belly Farewell

Baby Welcome

Who is doula?

Doulas provide non-medical support in key moments of woman’s life : first or last menses and during pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

Doulas empower women by reconnecting them to their feminine nature.

Doulas uncover information that has been lost or distorted in our contemporary society.

They do not replace doctors, midwives or psychologists. They are complementary.  

They offer support based on sensitive listening, small perceptions and the invisible. With one goal: to support the unique story of every woman.

Each doula is unique and offers something special: her talents, skills and predispositions.

Calma Doula is well defined by Movement, Awareness, Empowerment and Support.

As a doula, I enlarge your awareness by providing you with reliable information so that you can make your informed choices about birth and early child care.

As a movement therapist, I work with you on free movement exploration, breath, self-connection, pelvic floor and body awareness which all help on the Big Day. 

As a mother, I help you develop your confidence that you have the power to create, receive and nurture your baby in a fulfilling and empowered way.

As a woman, I know that for the optimum motherhood experience you need adequate support, be it from your partner (who should be equally prepared, informed and involved in the process) or from your Mama tribe.