Becoming a mother is a rite.

A woman dies. A mother is born. And so is the baby. And the family. Which changes the life forever.

Certain rituals may help you go through this passage with more joy, emotion and create unforgettable memories.

I propose rituals that we can both co-create for an experience that is close to your heart.

Blessing Way

In your last month, you may want to celebrate with your loved ones and honor your rite of passage into motherhood.

The idea of a Blessing Way, or Mother Blessing Ceremony, is to celebrate a new mother rising.

The intention of a Blessing Way is to support a Mama in gathering strength and confidence in her upcoming labor and support her into her journey through mothering her new baby.

Each Mother Blessing is uniquely co-created with the Mama and may me done in collaboration with a photographer to memorize the moment. 


Belly Farewell

Close to your due date, you may want to indulge in a cozy ritual of Belly Farewell only for you and your partner.

The idea of a Belly Farewell is to celebrate a woman in you giving place to a mother, marking the end of pregnancy. 

It is focused on creating a dialogue with the baby, giving the baby a sign and permission that you are ready for receiving him or her in your live whenever he or she is ready for coming into this world. 

This intimate ritual involves sensibilisation, visualisation, Rebozo and couple connection.  

Baby Welcome

In the first days after your baby is born you may want to create a ritual of receiving him or her in the world. 

The idea of Baby Welcome is to mark the passage from the aquatic, inner world into the concrete, outside world. 

Each Baby Welcome is uniquely co-created with the parents to respect their beliefs and their desires and their birth story.  

It may involve a special baby bath, a blessing, a ritual of reception in the family, a massage or all of those and may be done in collaboration with a photographer to memorize the moment.  

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